I’m Mario and I’m starting this new adventure thanks to John Sonmez. I’ve been following his blog for long time, but only a couple of weeks ago I’ve decided to subscribe to his free course How To Build A Blog That Will Boost Your Career.

I’ve never paused to properly think about how valuable it could be having a blog or works on something that’s simply yours. When I say properly think” I mean consider finding hours to work on that, to get started, to forget about perfection” and just jump into it. So…here we go!

Let’s be honest!

There are hundreds of good tutorials on the web that explains to you how to easily create a blog, install WordPress and get started because, apparently, that is all that you need.

So why do I think this course is different?

As I said, I’ve never tried to create a blog, I’ve always thought would’ve been nice working on something that was mine, but I’ve never given the right priority to that. But then John, through his course, said:

Hey man, I know you are busy, I know you think that you aren’t a great author, I know you prefer to invest your spare time on doing something else..but you know what, if you don’t try, you will always be one of the others! So let’s start, follow me and in 3 weeks you’ll have your blog up and running. Simply as that!

In a nutshell: what is this course about?

It’s a course focused on boosting your career thanks to your blog, on helping you find a better job, have a better salary, MAKE THE DIFFERENCE and be in the top 1% of all software developers! It helps you find a theme that enhances your passions, know what to write about, get some traffic on it and keep it up. Moreover, it’s a specialized course, it’s for software engineers, so it will be easy find an answer to the questions you may have..And if you can’t find an answer, drop him an email and he will answer. I promise. At least, that’s what happened to me.

That’s why, in my opinion, this tutorial is completely different from what you can find on the web. I really recommend you to subscribe and..let me know what you think about this course.